Many Interests in Many Different Things

As a part of the My Future My Way Career Exploration Fair, freshmen students participated in an essay contest. Students submitted essays explaining why the Career Fair was significant to them and two winners were selected from across the district. Destini J. from Hillwood High School was one of those winners. 

Many Interests in Many Different Things 

Have you ever been lost because of having too many interests in different things? I have, and going to the career fair helped me realize what I really want to do and where I want to go. How did this field trip impact me you ask? Well, it helped me decide on my future career, it gave me the opportunity to explore and discover different things about different jobs, and it made me view school in a different way.


This field trip helped me discover a huge interest, at first I wasn’t sure of what job I wanted to pursue and I was striving for an opportunity like this to be able to dig out more information so I can narrow down my ideas for my future. Honestly, this field trip couldn’t have been more convenient for me considering that high school is part of what determines where you end up later on; I have to make a decision as early as possible to figure out what I have to accomplish to achieve my goal. When I saw the variety of different people presenting their careers, it made me feel like they were proud of their jobs and what they have worked for to become and I want that for me to, I don’t want to look back and feel like I should have chosen something else.


The best thing about the field trip was being able to explore so many jobs at once. I love how creative everyone was in presenting their careers, it was very detailed. Before, I could only infer about some jobs from what I saw; not only, did I get to explore them  but also, I discovered new things about different jobs I had no prior knowledge of. For example, I’ve always thought that pathologists worked independently, but I found out the total opposite they actually work in teams and communicate with patients.


A lot people’s stories always start as,” I had a dream of” and end with, “but I ended up with “. All because they didn’t take school seriously and work hard for their dream. Now in the present, I don’t think many adolescents take anything seriously anymore and it made want to be different. I really want to get somewhere and be someone in the future and I believe that what I do in high school is my ticket there. I used to see school as boring  and really didn’t understand the purpose but, the field trip made me realize that I won’t be able to be as proud of my future job as they were if I don’t work hard for it.