Get in the Loop! Cheekwood creates a unique experience for two MNPS high schools.

First Loop Project Meeting"The Loop Project is a collaborative project between Cheekwood, Antioch High School and Hillsboro High School. The program will bring together eight art students from each school to work with two artists. Nashville-based Hans Schmitt Matzen and New York-based Gieves Anderson create collaborative pieces of work using a variety of mediums and methods. Their work and collaborative working style will be the inspiration for this project. For The Loop Project, students will come together from two different schools and neighborhoods to meet with the artists. During their meeting they will be paired up to create collaborative pieces of art – sending the work back and forth to each other for several months, allowing each other to add to or build upon the work. The final pieces will be on display at Cheekwood in January.”  - Karen Kwarciak, Cheekwood School and Outreach Coordinator.


Loop Project Exhibited at Cheekwood

“It was a really great experience going to Cheekwood to meet the two artists Hans Schmitt-Matzen and Gieves Anderson.  The Loop Project was interesting because we got to meet our project partners, from Hillsboro High School, who we would switch our artwork with so that they can do something to change or improve it, sent it back and do that again.  We would also communicate with each other to talk about our ideas.  It was exciting in the end to see our final pieces hanging on the walls in the Great Hall at Cheekwood!” - Sarah Watkins, Antioch High School


The Loop Project Jack Prince and Tristan Higginbotham“The Loop Project was an overall interesting experience. It was kind of difficult to give my work to someone I had never met before, just because they may not understand why I made the choices I made and so on. Thankfully our styles didn't clash, and my partner and I were able to meet in the middle somewhat. When we swapped pictures that we found interesting, we also swapped a few of the works we had previously done to get an idea of what each of us was good at. One of our pieces changed from a copy-paper sized colored pencil drawing to a giant painting consisting of acrylic and spray-paint, and I think that shows how we built off of each other's ideas and developed our own at the same time. It was really nerve-racking to try and meet the expectations that I imagined my partner had, but after awhile I just did my own thing and stopped being paranoid about it. I would definitely participate in this again, especially since I know more about it the whole process now. It was really awesome to have so much freedom and step away from the more technical work I had been working on. I feel really confident about the two pieces that came from this project.” - Tristan Higginbotham, Antioch High School