Burro basketball goes viral

Hands-on experiences are essential to being college and career ready. These experiences, such as Burro TV, gives students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Logan B, a student from Hillsboro High School's Academy of International Business and Communication, participates in Burro TV and was a team member on their wildly successful viral video of the Burro basketball team.   

The official first full year of Burro TV has been such an amazing experience for myself and several other students. Thinking back to the beginning of my sophomore year until this point, I see nothing but growth in our academy. All of this momentum actually started last year, when we won in all but one of the categories for the MNPS academy video awards, including Best in Show…and Burro TV hasn’t looked back since! The month of January was especially big for us – many of our highlight videos went viral (and global) on YouTube, we made the Yahoo! Sports page not once, but twice, and Burro TV students were featured on channel five and channel two news here in Nashville. Check out that video here.


The cool thing is, it’s the students in our academy who run Burro TV, and this is what the we love so much about our academy. There are so many different ideas and topics to choose from, and our students are very creative and thoughtful. Almost everyday we learn through hands-on experiences, giving the students a chance to get an image of the real world in this particular field. We’re learning that there’s nothing we can’t do, and we can turn small ideas into huge productions. The sky is the limit with our media production classes.