Students Contribute to the Davidson County Health Summit

The Davidson County Health Summit is an annual event hosted by St. Thomas Hospital and Baptist Hospital. The summit is part of a multi-step plan for the St. Thomas Health Services network to focus their outreach to the areas of greatest need in Davidson County. The event brings together CEO's and leaders of different health and community organizations, and two very lucky students from Maplewood High School. Terra'Lexus R. and Khadijah A. participated in strategic planning breakout sessions and were instrumental in bringing a student perspective to the summit.   

2013-01-31 12.11.23Our experience at the Davidson County Health Summit, hosted by St. Thomas and Baptist Hospitals, was a life changing experience. It opened our eyes to the health risks we face every day in our community. The Summit brought up issues such as smoking, poverty, teen pregnancy, and obesity. Without the Summit informing us of the life threating issues that surround our neighborhoods and our state in general, we would still be blinded by ignorance.

The Health Summit taught us many things that can help us in the long run. One of the most surprising things was that 53% of restaurants in our communities are fast food restaurants, rather than healthier options or grocery stores. Also, we learned that within the Davidson County community 60% of residents are obese.

The Health Summit was a success.  We were the only high school students at the event, and they valued our input during the breakout sessions.  It was one of the best experiences offered to us over the past three years we have been at Maplewood High school. We gained more than just knowledge; we gained a healthier living style. We are very appreciative of the opportunity presented to us!