Expect the Unexpected

Students from the Antioch High School Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance had a chance to visit Deloitte for a day of discovery and job shadowing this past month. However, coming to a job shadow with preconceived notions allows for plenty of room for surprises and discoveries. Find out what the students discovered about the business world from their observations and comments below:

2013-JobShadows_030113-Deloitte"They had an entire division devoted to email, spam, or irregularities."

"They have both IT and Accounting with a very International focus and a lot of technology."

"They use very advanced spread sheets on the computer."

"I thought everyone would be in small box offices, but it was a big open room."

"All of the employees came from different backgrounds. They even had someone that just wrote reports for people transferring to different states or countries."

"Accounting is not all about numbers it is also about networking."

"Everyone was on task and got along with one another. I think this is important to a company."