Finding Motivation

Chris Steele College Student, TTCU Teller on BreaksMy journey was and is a long but blessed, humbled, and rough journey. Coming from Memphis, TN to Nashville back to Memphis, I have learned a lot about life and have grown in various ways.

When I first stepped into Antioch High School with my twin, I did not take school nor life serious. I lacked motivation and work ethic. I truly did not see the value of hard work.

Around the end of my freshman year and beginning of sophomore year, I began to want more out of life than to just cruise by. What began to truly motivate me was watching the building of The Tennessee Credit Union in our cafeteria. I wanted to take on a new challenge and become a teller and show the school and my family what I can do. I wanted more out of my education and life and this was the opportunity I was waiting for.

Going through the internship with The Tennessee Credit Union has matured me and molded me into a more professional young gentleman. I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people through this internship. After graduation and working at the main branch over my breaks, I have made many connections with co-workers over middle Tennessee. The employees' and members of The Tennessee Credit Union are very supportive and helped me in many of ways.

To the future alumni of Antioch High School, find something to motivate you and pursue it. Don't let anyone tell you no, especially yourself. You will never find out who you are until you find out who you aren't. Find your strengths and build upon that and keep faith. Ignorance is not bliss.