Stratford "Spartan" Mock Trial Reflection

Hands on learning experiences come in all forms. While many students participate in job shadowing and internship, one group of students from Stratford High School have gained real-wrold experiences through Mock Trial. Nicholas T. from Stratford High School reflects on his experience with the program.  Finally, the day had come. We had prepared for five months for this. The First Stratford High School Mock Trial Team was officially ready to kick some butt. The air was pensive and happy, as if the world knew we were coming. Seeing all of my wonderful hard-working team members in professional attire, our expertly trained witnesses, and our amazing coaches really put it all into perspective. I mean, how many public high school students can cite rules from the law? Few, if any. We really felt like a higher connection was achieved through the Mock Trial team. By the time it was over we had quite a few inside jokes and funny references. You could tell that we really learned a lot.

I noticed on the day of our district competition just how far we had really come from the beginning. When we started no one really knew what an “objection” was or how to correctly enter evidence, but on this day it all flowed together like silk. We had practiced so much for this day, and you could really tell when it finally came time to begin.

At first, we were all nervous (as anyone would be of course), but by the second round we had it all down. When one person smiled, it spread like wildfire, and the confidence of the entire team spread with it. As lead counsel, it was my duty to oversee the side of the Defense. I could definitely see when my team was nervous or when they were glad an objection was overruled.

I guess you might say the competition was not really about competing against other teams as much as it was learning to work together as a team and developing character connections. The Mock Trial Team, if nothing else, showed me how to connect with other people more effectively.

I really enjoyed my time on the Mock Trial team, and having the opportunity to connect with some really amazing people. There are many teams out there and I would recommend anyone to give it a try. Mock Trial is incredibly entertaining and it is very interesting to listen to other schools perspective on the case and how they present it. If I could do it all again, I would do so many, many times.