Students Attend Naturalization Ceremony for Teacher

Students from the Hillsboro High School Academy of International Business and Communications were able to witness one of the most significant events in their teacher's life. A naturalization ceremony is the official ceremony where a person is sworn in as an American citizen. Two students received special permission to attend and document the ceremony.   

I was very lucky to be able to film a United States naturalization ceremony. It was a great experience to see how all of those people’s lives changed all of a sudden.  People came from all over the world just to be a citizen of this great country. The naturalization ceremony was a culmination of a life’s journey for all of the new citizens. It was especially cool because when we filmed the ceremony we got the VIP treatment and we got to go to the front of the courtroom and film from a designated media spot. It didn’t even seem like a high school video or any kind of amateur work. We were running the show as a designated and legitimate media program. After the ceremony, people kept asking us to take their pictures and videos to cherish their memories. They knew that we were the real deal and they wanted professional help with their pictures. Overall, the experience was very beneficial not just to me as a media student, but me as an American citizen.  - Ian D., Hillsboro High School student