Team SpartaBot making a statement at Regional Competition

Ten Engineering students at Stratford STEM Magnet High School were determined to highlight the “e” in STEM Magnet and make the city of Nashville and Stratford proud. And they did it in spite of the hardships and setbacks handed to them early on. After their engineering teacher left in December, the students decided to forge ahead and build a robot that would be entered into the FIRST Robotics competition. The Frisbee shooting Sparta Bot was born.

These 10 engineering students met after school for 6 weeks in January and February to build their creation. After the 6 week build, team Sparta Bot shipped their creation off to Knoxville to be entered into the FIRST Smoky Mountain Regional Competition.

It wasn’t an easy competition.

Stratford SpartabotsIn the first round, the launcher arm malfunctioned, but with great driving skills, they showed the other teams this bot could defend. In the second round, the launcher arm worked and received high marks for accuracy. In the third round, other bots took notice of the Frisbee shooting robot, and Sparta Bot became the primary bot to block. Despite defensive efforts by the other bots, Team Sparta Bot had the highest score and won the Highest Seed Rookie Award.

What a great story of teamwork, expertise, and determination.

“Simplicity is victory,” said Logan, the team captain. The entire Sparta Bot team is super excited about their win and cannot wait compete again.

Team Sparta Bot:

  1. Michael I. – 9th grade
  2. Kendall J. – 9th grade
  3. Melanie H. – 9th grade
  4. Logan A. – 11th grade
  5. Patrick W. – 11th grade
  6. Bryce O. – 9th grade
  7. Michael S. – 9th grade
  8. Jonathan S. – 9th grade
  9. Kameron A. – 9th grade
  10. Hallie C. – 9th grade