Why did the chicken cross the road?

Onyedika M., a student at Overton High School, had the opportunity to work for the week of intersession at Trevecca Nazarene University’s Urban Farm.  Trevecca Nazarene University recently partnered with Overton High School’s newly developed Urban Agriculture pathway.  Onyedika M. reflects on his experience below.  


My experience at the Trevecca Urban Farm will definitely be a memorable one.  I was able to receive knowledge in an area that I was personally interested in.  I learned about aquaponic systems and about finding the micro climates within your own yard.  The farming techniques will prove invaluable when I plan to start my own mini-farm; although, the information was only part of what made the internship beneficial.

The people were another amazing thing about the experience.  The chance to meet Jason Adkins and the others made the atmosphere fun and relaxing.  Being around those who have a similar passion for agriculture was unique and refreshing.  It was through them that I was able to meet thechickens of Trevecca.  They were incredible because I have never been exposed to live chickens, and they were so colorful.  After we tended to the chickens, I had the opportunity to visit the urban garden project.  The idea of this project is simply amazing!  Working with other volunteers to complete a common goal is something I hope to be involved in.  I plan to continue working at Trevecca over the summer, and I hope to see the garden prosper.