Clinical Internship Changes Students Future Plans

Internships give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Nam N., a student from Hillwood High School's Academy of Health Sciences,  participated in an internship this semester with Centennial Hospital. In this post, Nam writes about his experience.  


nam nguyenI enjoyed my experience and adventure as an intern at Centennial Hospital.  I would like to thank Mrs. Hunt for giving me this opportunity, and letting me have the taste of the real world and having a sense what it would feel like to be a professional in the medical field.  To think we were just students in a classroom to then become assistances to our medical professionals in the hospital.  I believe the clinical internship has transformed me into a new and improved student and a person well prepared for whatever comes his way.  The clinical internship made me know what I really want to do for my career path.  I changed my interest to nursing for when I head to college.  I now feel as if life has shown me such goodness, I want to give back to the community and do what is right.  I want to help the sick and needy.

My true desire is to mend the patients back to health, so that they may live the rest of their lives the way it should be.  I learned plenty of information while at the hospital.  I learned to take vital signs, have patient interactions, and help my nurses in any way possible such as ambulation, medication retrieval, and temperature taking.  The internship also taught me how to handle with stress.  In the hospital there are times when things get really hard, and patients start to die.  It cases like these, I learned to become empathetic and sympathetic of patient situations.  The hospital was most certainly a place where I can finally look at real world situation that many people cannot see in an everyday environment, but it has most certainly changed the way I see about the world as a whole.  I found my strengths while working as the senior intern.  I love the patients and would do anything to help them out.  My strengths were patient care and providing comfort and help to all the patients I had to deal with.

The hospital staff was so kind enough to allow me to observe in caution procedures and testings.  The staff also helped in teaching me how to use some of the equipment needed to assess the patients in vitals that are probable for possible recovery.  They have taught me how find medication, set up IVs, take temperatures, and clean off infection.  It was a great pleasure to get serious and suit up in sterile gowns and help out with patients with really bad infections like MRSA.  In all, my experience in the hospital was a great time of gathering education and a welcoming to the real world of the medical field.  The internship has really made me decide to become a nurse, because it struck my interest and makes me want to do what’s better for the world and for others.