Griffin Technology donates Mac Minis to Hunters Lane

“We just wanted to know what we could do to help and we found a place at Hunters Lane.”

-Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology

IMG_2254We would like to give a huge thanks to Griffin Technology, one of Hunters Lane’s Academy of Design & Technology business partners, for donating 25 Mac Minis to Hunters Lane High School. The students in the Academy of Design & Technology are stoked to be able to switch between two different types of operating systems: PC and iOS. This is definitely one of the most memorable events to happen at Hunters Lane this school year and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mark Rowan.


Dr. Kessler is excited to see what new creative ideas our students will conjure up. It sets Hunters Lane apart because we are able to offer both platforms in which students are able to design and create their own video games, apps, remote controlled cars, and other various programming software. Students will now have the chance to explore and have experience with more advanced technology that will help them in their future endeavors.