The Performance of a Lifetime

JOHS SHOW CHOIR WITH FOREIGNER 2Have you ever wondered what it feels like to sing with famous celebrities? And not just any celebrities, but a band that has earned 10 multi-platinum albums, launched sixteen Top 30 hits, and sold nearly 80 million albums. Thirty-three students at Overton High School no longer have to wonder what this is like—they have lived it. On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Overton High School choir was chosen to sing the famous 80’s anthem “I Want to Know What Love Is” with Foreigner when the band performed at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

This was the performance of a lifetime for the Overton choir.  Gina Kelley, the choir director, stated,  “ It was a huge opportunity, but also a little music history lesson for the mid-90’s babies.”

Foreigner is a major music icon, so there was a huge crowd that night for the sold out performance.  Thirty-three students performed in front more than 2,000 people in attendance.

Jenna Kirby, a member of the Overton choir, said,  “ It was amazing performing on stage with Foreigner. I could really feel the energy and the happiness everyone brought to the song. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Singing with Foreigner was probably not on these students bucket list, but now they can put that in their list of most memorable events.  It is awesome to meet a famous rock star, but to sing with them as well is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This memory would not have been possible without Overton High School’s partnership with the Nashville Symphony.  Overton offers a sincere thanks to the symphony for giving our students this once in a lifetime opportunity.


-- Rashad Dobson Overton High School Social Media Intern