Uncharted Waters- Student participate in CTSO Leadership Camp

img_3413Nearly 60 students throughout Metro Nashville Public Schools participated in the first annual Career and Technical Student Organization Leadership Camp on Sept. 27-28. Career and Technical Student Organizations, or CTSOs, are an integral piece of any CTE class. Not only do these organizations develop leadership and communication skills among students, but CTSOs also reinforce the content area that is reflected through CTE classes. Students who attended camp represented DECA, HOSA, FBLA, FFA, and Skills USA. The camp, entitled "Uncharted Waters," presented many students with the opportunity to attend leadership camp, participate in fun and informative activities, and take this new found information back to their schools.

Simone W., a student from Whites Creek High School, attended the camp and writes:

Students partook in a multitude of leadership based activities and sessions to hone their leadership abilities. Dr. Gibson's (Whites Creek High School) session "Oh Captain, My Captain," talked about how as a person in a leadership position you should be organized, responsible, and not afraid to delegate to your team members. "All Hands on Deck" by Ms. Mayo (Cane Ridge High School) talked about the importance of giving back to your community. Ms. Prestwood's (Glencliff High School) session "Keeping Everything Ship Shape" talked about the important of organization, and Dr. Kriebel's (Antioch High School) session about financial management is essential to all CTSOs.