Hunters Lane prepare students for college and careers

This week has been a very engaging week for all of our Hunters Lane Warriors who are preparing for their careers.

#FirstCamp2013 On October 25th, we had a group of Hunters Lane students who were given the opportunity to attend #FirstCamp2013 at the Martin Center. In #FirstCamp2013, students were able to learn about the process of identifying and assessing concepts that are discussed in regards to a company, a product being sold, a specific brand, and individuals that is often seen on the Internet. Also, #FirstCamp2013 is beneficial for those of you tech wiz’s out there that would love to understand the developing applications used in products like the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, and Android all thanks to Metova. Did you know that any career field requires a command of technology whether it’s medicine, law, business, education, or finance? Statistics have shown that Information Technology (IT) will be the fastest growing career over the next 10 years! IT offers multiple career paths for any of you that would love to explore the career of technology!

My Future. My Way. Career Exploration Fair Besides #FirstCamp2013, Hunters Lane’s Freshman Seminar classes are taking a trip to the Annual Freshmen Career Exploration Fair next week! The career fair will allow students to receive hands on experience in a variety of professions like the medical field, applied technology, early childhood education, hospitality, EMT, and many more!

Parents: Did you know that Freshman Seminar is a class that allows your students to have the opportunity to begin thinking about the area of study or pathway that they would like to study throughout high school? It also provides an easy and efficient way for students to transition into high school.

Students: Did you know that it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression?

  • Always keep in mind that dress code, speech, and poise are a few of the many aspects many business professionals take into account.
  • Don’t forget these helpful interview and first impression tips:
  • Shake hands in a firm, but not too firm, grip.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Interact professionally.
  • Listen to your speakers. You’ll learn a ton of valuable info about your career choices!
  • Engage in conversation (Don’t be afraid to ask questions and comments!)

Most importantly, don’t forget to SMILE.

My Future, My Way!


- Mika Carr Hunters Lane High School Academy of International Baccalaureate Academies of Nashville Social Media Intern