Intercession Recap: Hunters Lane

Even though it’s that time of the year for students to relax and enjoy their break from school, Hunters Lane still had students actively engaging in the community. In the MNPS system, we have what is called Intercession week before fall break. During intersession, students are able to get involved in the community with educational or experience based activities. At Hunters Lane, the following activities were offered for all of our students: IMG_1673IB Art Exhibit:

On October 8th, Hunters Lane hosted an IB (International Baccalaureate) Art Exhibit at the Goodlettsville Public Library displaying artwork designed by Junior and Senior students in the Academy of International Baccalaureate. Each student chose a local artist and mimicked the technique and style that their local artist used within their own artwork. Students then invited their local artist to come to the art show to check out their stellar art pieces. Some students even got the chance to receive art from their local artist for having chosen them as their inspiration! The art show was a blast. Thank you to all teachers, staff, local artists, librarians, parents, and students for taking the time out of their day and learning about the talented Hunters Lane IB Art students.

Human Relations Summit:

Also, on October 8th, Hunters Lane students took a trip to Fisk University in downtown Nashville. At Fisk, the annual Youth Summit was hosted for students within the district to get involved and gain knowledge on issues within the real world and ways to positively impact their community. There were several workshops held throughout Fisk’s campus including: Religious Freedom, Diversity and Culture, Bullying Violence, Southern Word, Hate Crimes, Conflict Management, Healing for Survivors, Peacemaking Circles, etc. The Human Relations Summit is a great way for students to gain leadership skills, connect with other students, and have fun learning about different perspectives on life!


IMG_1652College Tour:

On October 8th and 9th, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students from Hunters Lane took a field trip to Western Kentucky University, Campbellsville University, Louisville University, and Austin Peay. Students were able to get information about financial aid, tuition, courses, credits, and life at these great colleges! Also, Tennessee Technological University alumni, Coach Fleck, took a group of students to TTU in Cookeville, Tenn. All students who attended the college tour(s) had a great time exploring prospective colleges they may attend.

Senior Give Back Day

On October 11th, Hunters Lane Seniors attended their annual give back day where they painted the class of 2014 motto/inspirational quote on the hallway at Hunters Lane. This years quote is: "The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Come check it out at Hunters Lane on your next visit! Thank you to all the seniors who could make it!

Academic Aid:

On October 9th and 10th, all students were able to attend the Algebra/Geometry Review, IB and Capstone Open Library, ACT Reading/English prep session, and the prodigies catch up days. In the variety of activities, students would get help on the subject-specific courses and continue working on long and short term assignments as well as receive college prep where students gained insight on how to put together an exceptional college application, creating a personal statement, creating a resume, completing the FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and all other helpful college tips. - Mika Carr Hunters Lane High School Academy of International Baccalaureate Academies of Nashville Social Media Intern