Stratford STEM Magnet High students visit academy partner Willis Corp.

Job shadowing give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Nazje M., a student from Stratford High School's Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies,  participated in a a field trip to the Willis Corp. In this post, Nazje writes about his experience.  

13.11.09 StratfordOn October 9, 2013, I sat with Mr. Praveen Mohan. He is the Senior Developer at Willis Corp. He taught me many interesting concepts. The most memorable information that Mr. Mohan taught me was the difference between Java and C#. The difference is that C# is just Microsoft's version of Java. Other than that they are compiled and built the same.

Mr. Mohan also told me valuable information such as what an interface is, what a data base is and what it does, and some websites that will help me learn about technology through Microsoft. He told me to learn as much about data bases as possible. He said, "The more knowledge of data bases you have, the better it'll be." I believe this statement to be true and I'm going to try and learn all that I possibility can about data bases.

In conclusion, my experience at Willis was very memorable. I learned a few concepts that I'm going to use in the future. I am very thankful for this experience and I will never forget it.