Academies of Nashville Winter Leadership Retreat

  Educators and business partners are working together at the annual Academies of Nashville Winter leadership retreat.

It's that time of year again. Students are preparing for final exams, teachers are working to record grades, and everyone is eagerly awaiting Winter break. While many schools throughout country are buried in number two pencils and bubble sheets, educators in Metro Nashville Public Schools are using this time to discuss how to make their schools better for the Spring semester.

CMT presenting to educators about effective business engagement at the Winter Leadership Retreat.

Principals, assistant principals, academy coaches, and business partners for each school within the Academies of Nashville have come together for the annual Winter leadership retreat today at the Martin Professional Development Center thanks, in part, to a generous donation from the Ford Motor Company Fund and Alignment Nashville. The focus of this year's Winter Leadership retreat is for educators to :

Teams from each school are working to deconstruct the different standards of practice to better prepare their individual academies for the accreditation process through the National Career Academy Coalition. Through this process, every school is uncovering what is unique about the Academies of Nashville including experiential learning, teacher teaming, business engagement, and much more!

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