Studying Tips from Students

December marks the end of the semester here in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Along with the excitement buzzing for potential snow days and the upcoming holidays, students work during this time of year to complete their end of the semester exams. Mika C., a student at Hunters Lane High School, offers the following studying tips for students who are about to begin the last minute cram for exams. Good luck everyone!

I know exams will be coming up soon and a lot of students are worried about their grades. No worries! We can get you prepared for these exams so that you will be well on your way to scoring highly! Take a look at the following tips:

Exam tips

  • To all students taking the ACT on Saturday: I wish you all good luck! Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep before testing time and eat a nutritious dinner and breakfast! Make sure that you aim for your targeted score and to at least get a 21 in order to receive the HOPE scholarship for college.

  • To all students taking exams: study, study, study! I believe you all will do great and make sure that your grades are where they need to be before we go on Winter Break!

  • During testing time: relax and make sure that you wear comfortable clothing.

  • Always bring two pencils, an eraser, and a hand held pencil sharpener just in case!

  • After you are finished with your test, double check your answers!

  • Most importantly, read the directions and questions thoroughly.

  • Use the internet. Don’t be afraid to look up helpful videos on any topic you need help with.

  • Create your own study habits such as

-Notecards (topic on front side, answers on back side)

                             -Study sessions with your friends (quiz each other)

                            -Type your notes on a computer or handheld device to help with remembering notes.

                            -Don’t cram for your test the night before. Start studying at least one week before!

Good luck on your exams!