Project Expo and Showcase Double Previous Year’s Numbers

13.2.19 Stratford 2Stratford STEM Magnet High School hosted a student project expo and academy showcase February 13, 2014.  Both the expo and the showcase had double the number of participating students, parents, and business partners attending the events. As part of the expo, twenty-one business and community partners evaluated student projects and presentations in the fields of art, information technology, health and public service, hospitality and tourism, engineering, humanities, and science. Students competed during the expo and had this to say about the experience, “I get to express my passion for an evolving knowledge base.  I enjoy sharing my project and its impact with others.”

13.2.19 Stratford

“As a judge I got to enjoy (and learn from!) the projects and those students who presented their work.  The students were clearly excited (and a bit nervous) to have outsiders evaluating their work.  But they rose to the challenge and displayed their research well.  I believe this Expo is a benefit to both students and the broader community.”  Another stated, “I believe this annual event provides a great opportunity for students to interface with working professionals in STEM....and provide encouragement to seek careers in these high need fields."

As part of the Academy Showcase, student winners were announced and honored.  During the event they shared their winning projects with potential Stratford students, parents, and the community.

Student project winners:

Art- Geometric Vs. Organic

Information Technology- Scratch – Stratford Gaming Corporation

Health and Public Service- Differential expression of MUC5AC and MUC5B in Chronic Lung Diseases.

Hospitality and Tourism- G.I.S.B-Cycle Station Project

Engineering- From Parameters to Parts in Practice

Humanities- Wolbachia the bacterial feminizer

Science- Sequencing an Initial Gene for Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Gall Midges