Students learn about emergency management from Nashville Fire Department

14.2.25 Stratford 2

Firemen are known for their speed and efficiency in emergency situations. Students from the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies at Stratford STEM Magnet High School were able to see this speed and efficiency in person during a recent field trip to the Nashville Fire Department at Station #3. In fact, here are some of the things students learned during their trip:

  • Fire fighters have separate roles when operating the truck; Captain, Engineer and Firefighter.
  • Fire fighters response time is shorter then police officers. They can get to someone within 15-20minutes.
  • Fire fighters have 30-45 seconds to get ready once the alarm has gone off.
  • They can get to the person quickly, because most fire stations are in the community.
  • Police stations are usually further away.
  • Firefighters at station #3 work 24 hours on and leave for 48 hours.
  • Different fire stations can work longer days.
  • Training is 6 months after you pass a test.
  • EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician.
  • Every fire fighter is required to have EMT license
  • Everyone has to be certified to drive the truck.
  • There are 41 engines and 18 trucks at the fire stations in Nashville.
  • They have about 5-6 runs/calls a day.
  • Fire Engine holds from 750-2000 gallons of water.
  • The fire stations now do not have any poles because people were getting injured. There is one fire station in Nashville that is considered historical, and it has a pole in fire station.

13.2.25 Stratford