Throwback Thursday

The Academies of Nashville has received a number of accolades recently: from community newspaper opinion pieces and social media shout outs to the President of the United States visiting and speaking about our schools. However, the road to success has been long and hard and began nearly a decade ago. Here is a photo of the very first Academies of Nashville planning meeting in Washington D.C. Eight principals, community leaders, and non-profit organizations came together to begin the high school transformation that is making waves in Nashville. Thank you to everyone that started this process and continues to help it develop.


From left to right: Lora Hall (MNPS), Darwin Mason (MNPS), Janet Wallace (MNPS), Lyndelle Norton (MNPS), Avi Poster (Community Volunteer), Brenda Elliot (MNPS), Jamie Jenkins (MNPS), Karl Lang (MNPS), Kelly Noser (Evaluator), Jim Briggs (MNPS), Connie Williams (Pencil Foundation), Margaret Bess (MNPS), David McNeel (MNPS), Aimee Wyatt (MNPS), Carol Nixon (Evaluator), Dan Surface (Alignment Nashville), Clay Meyers (MNPS), Starr Herrman (MNPS), and Jim Overstreet (MNPS).