Using Culinary Arts to Address Medical Needs

Academy 042 My name is Emilio, a senior in the Culinary Arts pathway at Glencliff High School.  Last week we had another amazing day to meet DCi (Dialysis Clinic, Inc.) patients by welcoming them to our Southern Tea Room for lunch.  Prior to this lunch, we had to research food options for renal patients that are high in protein.  So, our class found a few options and we made them.   We made both a protein snack and a lunch for them.  The snacks we found that are high in protein were muffins, strawberry/raspberry pie and a peanut butter granola.  The lunch that we made was BBQ ribs, bacon wrapped green beans and macaroni and cheese.

As the patients started to fill the room, my class worked together to prepare the two plates for the patients—one with the 3 protein snacks and the other with the lunch.  We joined the patients in the Tea Room and our chef introduced us.  After the introduction, we started to get to business discussing the different snacks.  We talked about how each group had a bar that they chose and were able to play with the recipe to come up with renal-friendly ingredients and nutrient values.  Then we brought out the lunch plate for them to enjoy.  We began to hear a lot of comments from the patients about how they were too full and couldn’t eat dessert!

Our class finished the day by talking about our school experience and what our culinary arts class was all about.  We also told them of our trips and contests.  Afterwards the patients said that they loved what we have done and now knew what they were going to cook for Super Bowl Sunday—BBQ Ribs!