Experiential Opportunities for Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies Criminal Justice Students

14.3.12 Stratford 14.3.12 Stratford 2Ms. Robinson, the Criminal Justice I, II, III teacher at Stratford STEM Magnet High School, led her honor students on a VIP tour of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Headquarters, a strong business partner with Stratford and Criminal Justice last week.

TBI is considered to be the premier law enforcement agency in the state. Its substantial investigative and forensic evidence collection techniques have proven to be successful on many high profile criminal cases.  The TBI crime laboratory is considered to be a role model for local, state, and national law enforcement.  The students met and observed actual CSI Agents conducting crime scene evidence collection protocol, also known as “bagging and tagging”.  The students were especially interested in how the evidence report was documented and how often the CSI Agents were required to testify in court.   The students learned that the real world of a CSI Agent is vastly different than what is portrayed in the movies and TV shows.  In the real world, the skill set required to be a CSI Agent is focused on attention to detail, documentation, strict laboratory protocol, and dedication to duty.  The students are planning their next project based learning exercise from an actual case taken from the TBI investigative files.

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