Holiday Inn-Vanderbilt wins Partnership of the Year for Hospitality and Tourism

On May 12, 2014, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Academy Awards. Teachers, principals, business partners, and community interest groups came together to celebrate the achievements of the 2013-2014 school year and recognize those schools that have made outstanding gains. 


The Holiday Inn at Vanderbilt has been an active business partner for Hillwood High School in the Academy of Business and Hospitality throughout the year. In the summer, Holiday Inn at Vanderbilt hosts summer advisory board planning meetings for the school, supports teacher externships, and hosts other academy business partners as they work with faculty to begin yearly planning. They also have been an active partner by hosting job shadowing activities and heeling engage parents as they work with their children to make an academy selection. This hotel has also led two developmental days specifically focused on student learning growth. Holiday Inn at Vanderbilt has supported Hillwood students and teachers by participating in mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and session discussions with out-of-town teachers regarding the wonderful things the academy and school accomplish.