Planning with Partners

Finn Breeland, an Enrollment Management Specialist for the School of Computing and Informatics at Lipscomb University writes about his experience as an Academy Partner and the annual summer planning retreat.   

As a supporter of the Academies of Nashville, I was invited to come and support the Stratford STEM Magnet High School Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies during their end of year planning session today.  As a representative of higher learning, I know how valuable the relationships between businesses and academies can be.  Business partners get to interact with future employees, students, and colleagues while the academy students gain valuable context from the outside world.

At the planning session today, the Stratford crew took some time to get to know us with introductions and a “speed dating” style game where we got a chance to meet all the Stratford teachers and administrators present.  After we had a chance to brainstorm and discuss ways to interact, Ms. Green walked us through the academy mission, goals, and calendar for the 2014-15 school year.

I always enjoy attending these planning sessions because there is nothing more rewarding than investing in our future.  With the work that Stratford is doing to prepare the next generation of computing technologists and security professionals, we have a chance at closing the talent gap in an industry that is critical to our infrastructure.  Watch out for Stratford, and expect big things!