Our Summer Vacation: Planning for Next Year!

Stratford 1The Academy of Science and Engineering (ASE) team at Stratford STEM Magnet High School with business partners, parents, and students gathered for a day of preparation for the 2014-2015 school year. We brainstormed and planned ways to unify and support classes in Biology, English, History, Math, Spanish, and the three pathways: Biotechnology, Engineering, and Science. Consequently, we have our first of four project-based-learning (PBL) lesson plans in place. Each of the disciplines will offer a measurable product for the group PBL, which focuses on careers. Another exciting result is a unified, succinct mission statement: “The ASE will prepare our students for college or careers in biotechnology, engineering, or science.” This mission statement clarifies our position and unifies our team.

Our group also decided to provide our students with ePortfolio requirements, which will be supported in all grades (9-12). The freshman academy begins the process, teaching students how to write a resume, which is posted to their portfolio. As students progress through high school, they will build upon this humble beginning, finishing their high school years with a professional portfolio to share with potential employers or colleges. Look for more details in the near future.

Stratford 2Stratford has been blessed with business partnerships. These business men and women attended our afternoon planning where they confirmed our mission statement and 2014-2015 goals. In addition, they agreed to host field trips, job-shadowing opportunities, and internships for our students. Other topics included how to connect the business partners to all of our classes through speaker opportunities and workshops, providing unique educational opportunities designed to assist students in choosing a career path and emphasizing 21st century employment skills.

The teachers, business partners, students, and parents were able to spend time questioning each other, one-on-one, regarding the best options for mutual support of our students and improving the Academy of Science and Engineering. This allowed all parties to pursue ways to interact in a more meaningful manner with our students that are efficient and prudent, maximizing student exposure to the professional community and providing esteem and respect for the teacher, the business community and Stratford High School.

Stratford 3We had a great day and are off to an excellent start on the 2014-2015 school year!