Student Summer Plans: Taking College Classes and Building Bridges

A student at Stratford STEM Magnet High School in the Academy of Science and Engineering  had the opportunity to attend the National Summer Transportation Institute at Tennessee State University.



This summer, I attended a pre-college program known as the National Summer Transportation Institute, or NSTI, at Tennessee State University. The program focused on the various majors in engineering. I stayed on campus for a month and attended three classes: Engineering 101, Math, and English/ Critical Thinking. The information that was given in a college setting changed my perspective on engineering. Previously, I thought engineering was a simple career that anyone can do, but after attending the program I learned it's a very complex career that requires high attention to detail and strong mathematical skills.

Participating in the National Summer Transportation Institute taught me to think about decisions more analytically. Analytical thinking is all about problem solving. In order to find a solution to a problem, I break the situation down into smaller parts and reach my answers through facts and logic. The groups at NSTI were assigned to design and construct a bridge. First, we drew a sketch of what we wanted the bridge to look like, including the bridge's height, width, and length. Next, we got a hold of the materials. We used Styrofoam for the roads, two wooden pillars, a wooden plank for the base, two Styrofoam circles, and nylon strings for the suspension. Keeping the bridge suspended and leveled were our biggest challenges. We placed the circles on top of the pillars giving it the name, "Halo Bridge." Overall, the program was beneficial to my education and I had a great time!