Hillsboro Establishes the Red Cross Club

Hillsboro High School's Academy of Global Health and Science has become the first high school  to establish a Red Cross Club chapter in partnership with the American Red Cross. Janel, P. a senior at Hillsboro High School explains what this means and the purpose of the club.

redcross-logo As part of the largest humanitarian network in the world, the Red Cross Club gives students a way to put their talent, skills and passion to work for a greater purpose.

In a Red Cross Club, we will work closely with the local Red Cross chapter, engaging in projects that address some of our country’s and world’s greatest needs including preparing our community for disasters and hosting life saving blood drives. We will create, plan and participate in service projects that will help our school, our community and make an impact around the globe.

Red Cross Clubs also offer many opportunities for self-development, and empower us to build critical leadership skills. And of course, Red Cross Clubs can be a fun, energetic experience that expand our social network. We may find ourselves building life-long friendships as we connect with other young volunteers who have the same passion for helping people as we do!

Hillsboro High School has nothing but leaders that will work to ensure the best for American Red Cross. We plan to be the first Davidson County club to spread the word and inform our community that this is a great purpose to support. There’s nothing wrong with starting early as a leader in the community for such a widely known organization. What better place than Hillsboro to start off?  Hillsboro has a supportive community that will work for the success of this program. We reach all the criteria of being a leader and having the skills and talents in order to function for our local Red Cross.  Hillsboro can benefit from the partnership with the Red Cross, just as the Red Cross can benefit from all of the opportunities provided by administrators, teachers, and students. We know the Red Cross is known globally, which makes them a perfect partner for Hillsboro’s Academy of Global Health and Science.

Personally, I am planning to leave a legacy at Hillsboro with the Red Cross Club.  I also plan to use this network and experience for my senior capstone project.  I think starting this program will be that legacy and I’m honored to be a part of it before I go to college. The recognition and volunteer work to save three people by one person donating blood is so impactful to me and will change our community.