Overton Students Show Off their Green Thumbs

The Academies of Nashville business partners are an essential element to high school redesign. While many partnerships occur in the classroom through guest speakers and mentoring, there are some partnerships that occur with students outside of the school grounds. Rebecca Farrow,  an agricultural education teacher at Overton High School recently shared her experiences after receiving this type of support from the Natural Resources Conservation Services and University of Tennessee Extension Office to help grow her program, student, and school.  On September 11th Shantel King, a Soil Conservationist from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), came to Overton High School to speak with the dual-credit Greenhouse Management students. She presented information about the importance of soil, opportunities within NRCS, and how NRCS works within our communities. Students completed a hands-on soil texture analysis to identify sand, silt, and clay particles and then were challenged to correctly identify an unknown soil sample. Students also learned how to pace off a distance for determining slope of a landscape and discussed the purpose of soil and land judging. The presentation provided great background information for the District FFA Land Judging Career Development event at Tennessee State University’s Experiential Learning Farm Lab where we will be competing against students from Williamson and Davidson Counties.


JOHS Soils 1

JOHS Soils 3


On Monday, September 15th Overton’s urban agriculture students spent time working in the garden. As summer crops come to an end, now is the perfect time to start cool season vegetables and greens. With the help of Dan Harrell, UT Extension Agent specializing in school and community gardens, students prepared garden beds and planted turnip and collard greens for a late fall harvest.

Students in the urban agriculture program are working with community members and local organizations to learn how to meet the challenges of agriculture in a growing world, including growing and harvesting local food. For more information about the Urban Agriculture pathway at Overton High School, visit www.overtonffa.ffanow.org.


JOHS Extension 1

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