My Life as a McGavock Student

Life as a student behind the doors of McGavock, on the surface, is like any other. I come to school complaining about how I may have a test or about having to wake up early. However, the thing that makes it different is the opportunity for student involvement in academies. McGavock FFA 1


I am an ambassador for the Aegis Sciences Corporation Academy of Health Science and Law. As an ambassador, I have met people from many different ethnic groups and lifestyles. As the Pre-Vet Ambassador, I get to work with living, breathing animals on a daily basis, and share my experiences with guests of our academy.

McGavock FFA 2


I am also an FFA officer, which is the Career and Technical Student Organization, or CTSO, for my pathway. At the FFA National Convention this semester, I got to meet people from places like Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. In my Agricultural classes, we had Agricultural Education students from Ohio State come down and teach our classes. It’s great to think that McGavock gives opportunities not just for students, but also for people outside our doors.

McGavock FFA 3


Everything I do, and others do, in McGavock involve getting to make friends and getting to know other people. Even with the expectations in my pathway and CTSO activities, I am still able to participate in the McGavock Band as a member of the Color Guard and other global activities. Because of the opportunities in my pathway, academy, and school, I don’t mind having to wake up at five o’clock in the morning!

McGavock FFA 4