RaiderVision Brings Real-World Experience to Students

Experiential learning is a cornerstone to the educational experience in Metro Nashville Public Schools and the Academies of Nashville. Cheyenne S., a student at McGavock High School in the CMT Academy of Digital Design and Communication, writes about her real-world experience of producing a news show.  The best learning experience I had this year was with my role as the executive producer of RaiderVision. If you don't know, RaiderVision is McGavock's tri-weekly news program that airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It informs students of what is going on at school, and has over thirty episodes (as of December 12th). Finished videos are posted onto YouTube; to find and watch any of them, search "raidervision mcgavock" into the search bar and you should find some of our shows.

As executive producer, I help groups with their videos and what they can continue or improve, and am the overseer of the entire class. Anything that has to do with RaiderVision, from organizing the monthly calendar to contacting teachers for new ideas, I am the head of it. My desired career is as a director and producer in both film and television. Being executive producer of McGavock's news program has not only giving me more experience in what I want to do in life, but also helped as a leadership role. I have always considered myself a leader, but with my roles as an ambassador and executive producer, I am learning how to be a better leader, and I could never be more thankful for those who are helping me with this challenge. The 2015 school year will hold much more success as I continue learning and participating.