Partners and Students working together for FAFSA

Business partners work with students in a variety of ways. One way is by assisting families in navigating the Free Application for Federal Student Aide , or FAFSA. Ashley R., a student in the Academy of Hospitality and Marketing at Antioch High School, writes about her experience at the Antioch FAFSA night.   On January 15th Antioch hosted their annual FAFSA night. I was excited when I arrived and saw many familiar faces. I was very proud to see so many of my fellow peers attending the event because it let me know they were serious about their future and taking advantage of this great opportunity to receive free scholarships and grants for college. In my opinion the event was very well organized and very well put together. The staff was very friendly and more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that we or anyone had. They were very respectful and at times very funny, as soon as you raised your hand they were already on their way with bright smiles and energy. They made my FAFSA experience more than easy and very enjoyable. I’m sure they did the same for many others as well. It was very generous and sweet for the school to offer its students free pizza and other refreshments for both them and their parents. FAFSA night also gave my mother the opportunity to meet some of the fabulous hardworking teachers in this school, along with our more than awesome counselors and everyone else who makes this school what it is. I spent lots of time with my friends having a good time as we patiently waited for our names to be called. The all-around energy in the building that night was nothing short of amazing and positive. Everyone around me was happy, cheerful and just full of energy. We cheered at the ringing of the bell and announcements of students being accepted into college. In general, my FAFSA night was amazing, easy and very enjoyable.