Putting the Future on My Side

Internships give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Dena M., a junior at Antioch High School in the Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance,  participated in an internship this summer though the Tennessee Credit Union.  In this post, Dena writes about her experience.   

My name is Dena M., I am a junior at Antioch High School. I joined the Tennessee Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance in my sophomore year. I have learned a lot throughout the years I have spent in this academy; besides the accounting classes I have taken, I have had a lot of opportunities available to me. This academy provides us with a lot of field trips to job shadowing, and colleges to help us prepare for college and have our plans ready when we graduate.

To me, the future was never on my side. I was so afraid to grow up, especially after the conversations I have every day with my parents about my career. My parents always wanted to make sure that I would grow up and be successful. It was not until I met with Dr. Kriebel and the great TTCU team until I finally was able to decide what academy I wanted to participate in. Now, my friend Engy T., is a part of the Academy of Business and Finance. This academy helped her gain knowledge about the accounting world and how many opportunities we are given if it was our career. It opened her eyes on how successful we can be if we join the business and finance world!

After getting accepted into the Tennessee Credit Union Internship, we were both so blessed to have gotten this opportunity where we were able to learn so much. Now because of this program, we will be able to find great jobs while we are in college. This program helped us tremendously. It gave us insight on how it might be if we chose accounting and banking and finance as a possible career opportunity. Now, thanks to this amazing program, we no longer have to worry about our future because now we have Banking and Finance as our future plan!