Sharing My Academy Story

Last week, Metro Nashville Public Schools hosted more than 300 visitors from across the country. These visitors toured schools, participated in break out sessions to learn about the academy model, and most importantly heard from MNPS students. Polly N, a freshman at Glencliff High School, was one student that the visitors heard from. Polly describes her experience here.   

When I found out what my lines or what I was supposed to say was, I reread and reread what I wanted to say in front of the guests.  I got really nervous and excited when the day came because I was able to share my experience as a freshman in high school.  I know I stuttered sometimes but I got less nervous as I went on. At first I thought I wanted to be in the business academy, but now that is my second choice.  I really want to be in the Academy of Environmental and Urban Planning for engineering after everything I have learned about the academies this year.  This experience has helped me become better at speaking in front of others for presentations now and for the future. Thanks to all of their visitors for coming to our school and listening to our stories.