Mentally and Physically Prepared for Life

Students in the Academies of Nashville have a variety of experiences and opportunities in their high schools and academies. Bailee D., a students in the Academy of Health Management at Cane Ridge High School, writes about her experience below. 

The Academy model here at Cane Ridge High School has definitely had a positive impact on my education. It has opened so many doors and allowed me to expand my horizons on the career I wish to pursue. With my Academy, I am given actual hands-on opportunities. These are experiences that you simply aren’t introduced to everyday. Without the Academies, I wouldn’t have as much interaction and focus towards my career field. It has mentally and physically prepared me for life after high school. I’ve learned to socialize and work well within groups just as I would in a job setting of a hospital, since I am a part of the Academy of Health Management. The teachers within the Academies do a great job with focusing our attention on specific “Emergency Medical” situations. We are expected to be advanced in CPR training and certified in every area of emergency technique. The Academy System is a very special model at our school that will give each and every student a better outlook for the life ahead of them, as long as they are willing to take advantage of it.

I have also had the honor to serve as a Cane Ridge Ambassador, representing my academy. This has also provided opportunities for me to take part in unforgettable events that have in a way, been life-changing. I was able to meet President Obama and take part in leadership conventions that not only made me a better leader but phenomenally enhanced my social skills. By being an ambassador, I feel that I am advanced in many areas outside of the classroom, such as communication, social skills, and speaking techniques. I now feel comfortable with myself in front of large crowds and I am ready for life in a college based setting.