My Experience in DECA

The Spring Semester is often referred to as "Competition Season" for the many Career and Technical Student Organizations. Tara Y., a student at Hillsboro High School, writes about her experience with DECA in the post below.   

As any competition goes, competitors come in with mix emotions. Excitement, anxiety, fear, determination. We all want to win and make others proud. As for me, I was fearless.... for the first hour... after which the idea of competing sunk in. We were led to a large ball room, where rows of seats overtook the area and people were filling them, quickly.

After getting our own seats, I truly realized exactly how many people took part in DECA. People from all over Tennessee were impeccably dressed and beyond ready to compete. It destroyed any bit of an ego I had left. Nevertheless, the opening session began. The executive council were introduced, and those five people were so young, yet seemed to have accomplished so much. It gave bit of motivation to do more and take part in other organizations.

Once the opening session was over, it was test time. Given that the written test is my personal weakness, I wasn’t particularly excited. We were all led to the testing area, papers were handed out, and students were taking their respective seats. Safe to say all of us were nervous, and it was obvious. By the time I had finished my test, there was only one other person from my category still there, nevertheless that put an end to my night.

The next day was my role play time. It began somewhat early and the hall was filled with attendees waiting for their appointment. Once in, the same room that was filled with tables and chairs the night before, was now transformed into interview stations. For me, the role play went well and I was pumped. The rest of the day was free until the banquet that night.

The banquet was held at the same place as the opening session, however, once again this room was completely change. Instead of rows of chairs, it was filled with dinner tables and the stage was used for a live band. It was beautiful. After dinner, the executive council began awarding the top three competitors in each aspect of every category. I was called, and I nearly fainted. I was awarded a perfect score on the role play aspect and was handed a medal; putting a wonderful end to my night.

The next morning was it, the awards ceremony. The way it worked placed the top eight on stage and awarded the top four whom would be representing and the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando, Florida. It was a long list, but my category was first up. I was called to the stage for the top eight, and nervously waited. The top four were randomly called to accept their awards. Someone must have been looking down on me, because I was called on first for a trophy.

One of the biggest slogans of the conference was “Today is a great day.” It sure was, and I was so excited to qualify for ICDC, and I still am. Next month I’ll be down in Florida for the first time in my life, and will compete in Nationals. Wish me luck!