Exploring the Path to My Future- Janeth Gonzalez, Hunters Lane High School

Last week, I attended a field trip that has changed my perspective on my future career. Along with over 300 of my classmates, we traveled to the Music City Center for the Freshmen Career Fair. Once we arrived, I was totally amazed at all of the different types of jobs that are available out there. I spent an hour walking around and interviewing professionals with many different backgrounds. From construction professionals to veterinarians, I saw a lot of jobs that seemed very interesting and some that seemed boring.At our school, the Career Fair was more than just a one-day event. In our Freshmen Seminar class, we spent a week talking about what to wear, how to introduce ourselves, and how to interview a professional. We spent time practicing our interview questions and which booths we were going to visit. This was really helpful as we prepared for the Career Fair because I had a plan when I arrived. Also, I was not nervous because I practiced my questions and knew what I was going to say. From this experience, I learned that self-presentation and communication are very important skills in the business world. Also, I saw the importance of being prepared and practicing our interviews. In the future, I will spend more time preparing for work to make sure I do a good job. Before I went to the Career Fair, I thought I really wanted to work with animals. So, I was very excited to talk to the veterinarian and ask questions about the profession. As it turns out, I think that will be the perfect career for me. The vet was very friendly and nice to me which made me think that she really liked her job. We talked about caring for different animals and going to school to get my degree. By going to the Career Fair and talking to the vet, I feel really confident in my decision and am excited to pursue my interest in taking care of animals. While going to the Career Fair helped me decide on my future career, I also talked to a lot of other people from different jobs. This was probably the most interesting and unexpected part of the trip. Obviously, I was drawn to the career I knew I liked, but I found I was interested in other careers as well. For example, I talked to the people from the fire department, and I thanked them for saving people and doing such a hard job. Although I never see myself doing that job, I have a respect for them and recognize their sacrifice. Also, I learned so much from my conversation with them. We discussed the job requirements, training, and work schedule. This is just one of many examples of really interesting conversations I had while at the Career Fair. The overall experience at the Career Fair is certainly one I will not forget. For all of those people to take time out of their busy days to talk to us was really meaningful. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and seemed interested in our conversations. Sometimes I think teenagers, like me, do not always see and appreciate the opportunities that we have. For me, the Career Fair was a really awesome opportunity to start thinking about my future and experience different types of jobs. Before I went to the Career Fair, I did not think much about my future career. I knew I really liked animals and wanted to be able to take care of them. So, talking to the veterinarian was great because it helped me realize that was a great job for me. Moving forward, I was always remember this experience and use the information I learned to keep me on track to pursue my goals.