Exploring Our Options

Job shadowing give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Jacquelyn M. and Chassity S., students from Maplewood High School,  participated in a job shadow with the Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital.  In this post, Jacquelyn and Cassity write about their experience. 20170112_123552We learned many things in the Neuroscience unit at Saint Thomas Hospital on our job shadow experience. Going into this program we had no idea of what to expect and we encountered a lot of surprises. We encountered a lot of unsuspected things, such as checking a patient’s incisions. We had a lot of patients come in to recover from back surgeries, so one of our main priorities was trying to make the patients comfortable. We were on our feet a lot due to us having to check on our patients and bring them the medicines they needed when they needed it. We didn’t know how fit nurses had to be. Every time a patient received medical care or medicine it had to be tracked and reported. We also had to follow all of the HIPPA rules and regulations. We knew that HIPPA was part of being in the medical field, but experiencing it first-hand made us see how serious it was.

Some of the best moments were when we introduced ourselves to the staff and patients, and they were so welcoming and nice. A lot of the patients had many interesting stories to tell. The work environment was very social yet professional. It helped us obtain good communication skills and a good day’s exercise. The feeling of helping people was the best ever.

This job shadow has given us a great inside look into the medical field, and a career in nursing. In the future we would definitely like to go back and do it again, preferably in different fields of study, so we can explore our options.