Recapping the Career Fair: An essay from Nashville School of the Arts student Madison Eddins

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following essay was written by Madison Eddins, a Visual Arts scholar
at Nashville School of the Arts Magnet High School who attended the Ninth Annual My Future. My Way. Career Exploration Fair held at the Music City Center on Nov. 14. 

A job means so much more today than it did a hundred years ago. Intense research, skills, and work may be expected within a job, but it is also expected to receive a job. A career can be one’s future, and it is the foundation of living, which is why there is so much emphasis on career exploration. Finding a job that is a fit for you and your lifestyle is the ultimate goal.


The most obvious reason why career exploration is important in our modern society is because there are so many specialized options.

Organizations and events that have a basis of discovering new and different career pathways are perfect because not every student will know all of the options available to them. When a student is able to learn of unique jobs that interest them, it can open up a door of possibilities. A student can then research the jobs that interest them and create goals in order to achieve their dream career. Not only that, but students would then be aware of just how many options they have.


At career exploration fairs, students can easily find jobs that appeal to them as an individual and that can encourage them to work towards goals.

When a student is able to find a future that they love, their whole outlook on school and perseverance can be changed. A student can become much more motivated and do much better in school to reach their dream job, especially when they know exactly what they want to be.


While exploring careers, students can learn more about their wants, needs, and personalities; what do they really want in life, and what do they want to do?

With a better understanding of the world and the way it works, a student can see themselves in a different light in the future. The career a student will work for would surely be one based on their values, skills, personality, and interests, and that can lead to self-actualization. Events such as the career exploration fair group careers according to skills and tasks within the job, which makes it especially easy for a student to get a taste of what those certain jobs are for.


Students are exposed to skills necessary for certain jobs.

By being able to research jobs and talk directly with expert employees, students will be able to assess what skills are needed to be hired for a certain job. This is especially necessary because employers strictly focus on what skills a potential employee has today, and they previous experience they may have.


Students can find out how to receive internships or small jobs with a business or organization.

Employers today are always looking for experience.


--Photos courtesy of @MyFutureMyWay on Twitter.