Business & Community Partners

There are more than 365 business and community partners that are actively involved in the Academies of Nashville, engaging students and teachers in several ways, including:

  • Guest Speakers

  • Loaned Classroom Instructor

  • Career Exploration Fair

  • Career Mentors

  • Teacher Externships

  • Provide Learning Supplies

  • Curriculum Development

  • Job Shadowing

  • Field Trips

  • Mock Interviews

  • Academy Advisory Board

  • Student Internships

  • Industry Certification Exam Tutors

Due to the direct involvement from Academy partnerships within each school, each Academy offers practical, hands-on learning across all curriculum in five industry-related areas:

  • Arts, Media & Communications

  • Business, Marketing & Information Technology

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology

  • Health & Public Services

  • Hospitality & Tourism

Business Engagement Structure

CEO Champions

A committee of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce that supports the reform effort through advocacy in both policy and the community. 


 Alignment Nashville manages an A-Team that provides ongoing progress monitoring and support for new initiatives of the Academies

Partnership Councils

5 industry-specific councils convened by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce who provide a district-wide perspective of their industry area and academies.  

Advisory Boards

A school based board composed of an academy’s partners, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders. 

Academy Partners

An individual business or organization that works with an academy during the school year and is overseen by the PENCIL.