Founding Partners



  • Academies of Nashville model, including all instructional strategies, day-to-day partner engagement of experiential learning and school-based Advisory Councils

  • Manages dual credit/dual enrollment with postsecondary institutions and industry certifications

  • Monitors performance of Academies


  • Ensures industry is represented in strategic planning and decision-making

  • Serves as a lead generator of new Academies partners through membership

  • Staffs and leads stakeholder meetings that evaluate progress and industry alignment and support additional experiential learning opportunities



  • Recruits and on-boards businesses and community organizations as partners for the Academies

  • Stewards the relationship of more than 350 business and

    community partners investing in experiential learning opportunities

  • Tracks and reports community investment of business and community partners


  • Leads Academies of Nashville Alignment Team, a group of business/community champions guiding sustainability and adaptability of Academies and facilitates annual continuous improvement process

  • Coordinates bi-annual study visits from business and education leaders

  • Manages revenue from study visits and redirects to critical events, such as Career Exploration Fair and Academies of Nashville Awards


Recognized by the White House as a national high school transformation model, the Academies of Nashville provide students with one of the best college and career preparation experiences in the nation. Students have a choice of 39 different academies within the largest 12 neighborhood high schools offering a practical, hands-on approach to learning in fields that interest them ranging from engineering to healthcare.

The Academies empower students through career exposure so they can make timely, informed decisions and discover their true passions while earning early college credit and nationally recognized industry certifications. General education content is taught through the lens of their academy while more than 350 business and community partners provide authentic experiential learning opportunities at every grade level.