Teacher Externships

The Teacher Team Externship is an opportunity for teachers to have a real-world business experience at a Host Company in order to develop a standards-based project that will provide teachers and students with industry exposure and applied learning. Through this program, teachers will collaborate to create a standards-based interdisciplinary project(s) that reinforces the theme of their academy or grade-level team across subject/content areas that will be implemented during the upcoming school year.

A team of 3-5 teachers will participate in a three-day workshop. The workshop will consist of a 2-day on-visit business visit and a full day of project planning. On the final day of the externship, teachers will finalize their project after receiving feedback from their MNPS colleagues and their business hosts. Once the project is presented to the business partner for feedback, teacher teams will revise and submit to the district for additional feedback. Final deliverables will be need to be submitted electronically to the Academies of Nashville Program Manager two weeks after receiving feedback. Once submitted and approved, professional development stipends will be paid.

Externship Outcomes

* Teachers gain exposure to the workplace, develop connections with professionals related to their subject areas, and incorporate new knowledge and ways of teaching into their classes.

* Teachers learn the details of the workplace environment, the skills needed to be successful, and reinforce these skills in their classrooms.

* Students gain knowledge on specific careers and learn subject-specific concepts and skills in their classes from the perspective of the professionals who use them daily.

* Businesses provide the essential link between the workplace and classroom through active involvement in education and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce helps facilitate these connections.